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Dave and Wulf have seen alot of action over the years with over 75 years of experince between them. Below is an outline of their personal music biographies.

Wulf von Waldow

Wulf started playing saxophone in military school It was a way to get away from the hardships of that school. Every day since then, you can find him practicing his chops. It wasn't until high school that he started playing in bar bands. While the other kids were off causing trouble, Wulf was kicking it with blues and rock bands. He may have been underage, but his instrument was his ticket into the clubs. Over the years he's played in everything from classical to jazz to blues to rock and a lot of stuff in between.

     Dave Thomas                                                                                           Literally began listening to music in the womb.  After moving my      family to the Nashville, Tennessee area, played keyboards with a popular classic rock band all over the area.

Acted as Musical Director for Praise and Worship group at Bethpage United Methodist Church, an award-winning 7 piece combination vocal/instrumental modern Christian band, well known in the Nashville area. Was asked to audition for a vacancy in the Charlie Daniels Band, after their keyboardist was killed in an auto accident, although another player was ultimately chosen.

Joined forces with 5 other very talented musicians to stage a traveling instrumental World Fusion show, still in the preparatory stages, but nearing completion. Moved to Sarnia, Ontario, with my wife in 2012 to focus entirely on performing, writing, and teaching music. Played with many local musicians at numerous venues all over Sarnia/Lambton over the last 13 years. Owner and operator of a digital mutitrack recording studio utilizing ProTools as the primary operating system. Organist and Choir Director for High Park United Church in Sarnia. Presently performing with Wulf Andrious Von Waldow, eminent saxophonist, as the Overtones, a light light rock duo. Keyboardist for the Mackeson Band, a variety group based in Wallaceburg, Ontario. Keyboardist for Copper Still, a local folk/rock group. Guest player with the Stutt Brothers, Stevie D. Trio, White Fire Reed, The Neil Malcolm Band, Robbie Antone, and many others. Can truthfully claim over 50 years experience in the music business.

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